Welcome to Campbell Academy

The thrust of Campbell Academy is the development of the whole child. It seeks to engage fully all aspects of the learner – mind, body and spirit. Learning is best by doing and that teachers are facilitators of the student learning. The use of collaborative learning in our classroom develops oral communication skills and provides an environment of active, involved and exploratory learning. We believe in the ethical values of respect, trustworthiness and responsibility. A positive learning community ensures that students, staff, parents and visitors feel accepted, valued and engaged.

We consider education a top priority. With that said, we provide quality education in the form of hardworking teachers, an eco-friendly environment, modern and up to date facilities, and imported curriculum materials. These will all contribute to the molding of each and every student.

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A Greener Future

Campbell Academy believes that our children are the future. As our future generation of leaders, we believe that instilling the values of ecological awareness is the key. Our institution’s architecture is already imbedded with such curriculum. It features passive cooling thru cross ventilation; oversized windows for natural light, doubled-paned windows to insulate noise and energy. The walls are made of light weight concrete blocks which is a better fire resistant and noise insulator while the materials are made from natural and recyclable components. Air conditioning units are super inverters and there is the use of LED lighting across the facility. The trees are preserved all around and there are French drains in strategic areas to allow rain water to be absorbed by the ground. There is the presence of cistern tanks for rain water collection which will be used to water the plants and flush the toilets. The number of Narra trees already planted in the property will never be cut down instead more trees will be planted. Students are made aware, taught and encouraged to implement environmental practices not only in the school but also in their homes.

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Holistic Quality Education

We focus on creating a balance between instilling the values and imparting education into your children. Making them realize that both are equally important, and one's life cannot be lived without the equality of both. Students do not just learn how to read, write and count. To ensure their success in the future, it is our responsibility to instill values and develop their social skills. Values is the foundation of discipline, without values one cannot fully understand what it means to do what is rightfully appropriate and to appreciate it. Social skills likewise are very important communication aspects of socially acceptable manners. These skills often determine ones status, consideration for being accepted as friends and later on a viewpoint of employment or promotions.  At Campbell Academy, we make sure every child gets equal opprtunity to be exposed in a social setting with Campbell's year-long social activities.

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Community Involvement

Campbell Academy aims to bring together students, parents and the community through its monthly feeding program where 100 feeding recipients from DSWD are served by Campbell students with their parent’s involvement into providing loot bags and other generous donations. Campbell contributes the food, the students and parents help serve to the community. Campbell is also gracious with providing academic and non-academic scholarship programs. We currently have 3 non-academic scholars and 2 academic scholars. As part of Campbell’s goals to spread the love for education, Campbell is currently setting up a mobile library where teacher and student volunteers help facilitate the program.